By DavidPage

Choosing to put a child up for adoption is a serious decision that is only chosen after careful consideration for both the mother and baby’s best interests. With so many types of adoptions and adoption agencies, it can be tricky to know what type of adoption is best for each mother and baby. One type of adoption method is an independent adoption. Below are some frequently asked questions about independent adoptions, answered.

How Quickly Does the Adoption Take Place?

In most cases, with the best adoption agencies for birthmothers and babies, an independent adoption agency will already have an adoptive family set up before the baby is born. The adoptive family will take the baby home from the hospital. This is great for the baby, as it means that he or she will not be put into a foster home or another intermediary location. Instead, he or she will go directly with their new adoptive family.

Are Independent Adoptions Open or Closed?

Depending on what adoption agency you choose, an independent adoption can be either open or closed. In an open adoption, the birthmother can continue to be in contact with her child, so long as she sticks to the terms decided on by both herself and the adoptive parents. In a closed adoption, the birthmother (and her family) will not be allowed to have contact with the baby. Again, most independent adoption agencies will allow birthmothers to pick from either option, and then match her with an adoptive family that can agree to her terms, no matter which option she picks.

This is just a small snippet of information that is available about independent adoptions. However, these two questions are the ones that are asked most often. If you are considering adoption, make sure to think over the different types of adoption carefully so you can make the best choice for you and your baby.